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  • United States flag inactive FILTER MANUFACTURERS COUNCIL, LTD (District of Columbia (US), 15 Dec 1975- 6 Apr 2018, 79 TW Alexander Dr Bldg 4501 Suite 200, PO Box 13966, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, 27709-3966) Trademarks: FILTER MANUFACTURERS COUNCIL FILTER MANUFACTURERS COUNCIL FILTER KNOWLEDGE UNFILTERED
  • United States flag Genomic Testing Cooperative, LCA (Colorado (US), 15 Jun 2018- ) Trademarks: GENOMIC TESTING COOPERATIVE
  • United States flag inactive Global Transformation Pathways LCA (Colorado (US), 4 Apr 2018-14 Sep 2022) Trademarks: REDHEALTH
  • United States flag Golf Ball Divers Alliance, LCA (Colorado (US), 2 Dec 2016- ) Trademarks: GOLF BALL DIVERS
  • United States flag HTA Limited Cooperative (District of Columbia (US), 8 Jan 2016- , 686 W. Cuthbert Blvd, #301, Westmont, New Jersey, 08108) Trademarks: HEALTH TRANSFORMATION ALLIANCE HEALTH TRANSFORMATION ALLIANCE HTA HEALTH TRANSFORMATION ALLIANCE
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