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United Kingdom flag WORLDWIDE TECHSERVICES UK LIMITED (United Kingdom) details
United Kingdom flag PLEXUS EUROPE LIMITED (United Kingdom) details
United States flag BTI TECHNOLOGIES, L.P. (Texas (US)) details
Canada flag BANCTEC (CANADA), INC. (Canada) details
Netherlands flag Banctec B.V. (Netherlands) details
Netherlands flag Banctec Holding N.V. (Netherlands) details
Spain flag BANCTEC IBERICA SA (Spain) details
United States flag RECOGNITION MEXICO HOLDING INC. (Delaware (US)) details
BancTec AB (Sweden) details
BancTec (Export), Inc. details
Recognition de Mexico S.A. de C.V. (Mexico) details
BancTec GmbH (Germany) details
BancTec S.A. (France) details
BancTec Limited (United Kingdom) details
BancTec Service France, SAS (France) details
BancTec Service Germany, GmbH (Germany) details
BancTec Service Canada (Canada) details
United States flag BANCTEC (PUERTO RICO), INC. (Delaware (US)) details
BancTec Service Europe, B.V. (Netherlands) details
BancTec Service Belgium, SPRL (Belgium) details
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