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  • United States flag inactive Bellwether Acquisition Limited Partnership (North Carolina (US), 15 Sep 1994-31 Dec 2044, 212 S Tryon St, Ste 1680, Charlotte, NC, 28281) Trademarks: THERMALDRESS
  • United States flag inactive Charlotte Nba Limited Partnership (North Carolina (US), 18 Jun 1987-16 Jun 2050) Trademarks: HOOP STREET CLASSIC HONEYBEES HORNETS TIPOFF 9 more
  • United States flag inactive Dialogue Matters, LLP (North Carolina (US), 1 Mar 2007- , 563 Rector Road, Ennice, NC, 28623) Trademarks: DIALOGUE MATTERS DIALOGUE MATTERS
  • United States flag inactive Digital Link, Inc. (North Carolina (US), 26 Jun 2003- , 1924 Summey Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28205) Trademarks: DIGITAL LINK
  • United States flag inactive Ellett Brothers Limited Partnership (North Carolina (US), 25 May 1988-31 Dec 2038, Ste. 116 Sunset Ave., Tarrytown Office Plaza, Rocky Mount, NC, 27801) Trademarks: AIR-VET A NEW BREED OF DISTRIBUTOR UV ULTRA VISION
  • United States flag inactive Holt York McDarris High, LLP (North Carolina (US), 19 May 1999- , 434 Fayetteville Street Mall, Suite 2010, Raleigh, NC, 27601) Trademarks: NW NE SE SW HOLT YORK MCDARRIS & HIGH LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW
  • United States flag inactive Kennedy Covington Lobdell Hickman, L.L.P. (North Carolina (US), 21 Dec 1995- , Hearst Tower, 47th Floor,, 214 N Tryon St.R, Charlotte, NC, 28202) Trademarks: KENNEDY COVINGTON ETEAM HODGES CONSULTING GROUP KENNEDY COVINGTON CONSULTING
  • United States flag inactive branch Pinewild Project Limited Partnership (North Carolina (US), 29 Jun 1990- 1 Jan 2080, 327 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC, 27603) Trademarks: PINEWILD
  • United States flag inactive Superior Greetings LLP (North Carolina (US), 9 Nov 2012- , 608 Woodfield Drive, Asheville, NC, 28815) Trademarks: SUPERIOR GREETINGS
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