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  • United States flag inactive COTTAGECARE, INC. (Kansas (US), 30 Dec 1988-15 Jul 2022, Thomas P. Schrader - 7231 S. Broadway, Littleton, CO 80122) Trademarks: COTTAGECARE FREEDOM FROM HOUSEWORK COTTAGECARE HOUSE CLEANING AT ITS BEST! 4 more
  • United States flag inactive DDSPORTS, INC. (Kansas (US), 17 Jun 2013-15 Jul 2017, BRUCE IANNI - 6433 HIGH DRIVE, MISSION HILLS, KS 66208) Trademarks: SHOTTRACKER
  • United States flag inactive HALLMARK BUSINESS CONNECTIONS, INC. (Kansas (US), 8 Oct 2001-15 Oct 2020, PO BOX 419479-TAX 407, KANSAS CITY, MO 641416479) Trademarks: CREATE A HUMAN MOMENT IN A CORPORATE DAY VALUED EXPRESSIONS VALUED EXPRESSIONS 18 more
  • United States flag inactive MID-CONTINENT IMPORTS, INC. (Kansas (US), 12 Apr 1983-15 Oct 2020, M. Mandelbaum - 4242 Raffia Preserve Way, Naples, FL 341199676) Trademarks: ALMONDO ORIGINALS MID CONTINENT IMPORTS ATTAR 4 more
  • United States flag inactive RAYE'S, INC. (Kansas (US), 5 Sep 1975-15 Jul 2023, DBA SIZEWISE MANUFACTURING - PO BOX 320, ELLIS, KS 67637) Trademarks: WHEELCHAIRS OF KANSAS MIGHTY-AIR BCW 2 more
  • United States flag inactive SUPER DISPATCH INC. (Kansas (US), 3 Sep 2015-15 Jul 2019, 4436 STATE LINE ROAD, KANSAS CITY, KS 66103) Trademarks: BOL APP FOR CAR HAULERS BILL OF LADING APPLICATION FOR CAR HAULERS SUPER DISPATCH 2 more
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