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  • Dominican Republic flag ALIMENTOS FORTUNA (Dominican Republic, 30 Nov 2003-30 Nov 2023, CALLE CAÑADA GRANDE NO. 15) Trademarks: CASABE BUREN FORTUNA CASABI CRACKERS ORGANIC FORTUNA CASABI
  • Dominican Republic flag GRUPO MALLA (Dominican Republic, 30 May 1999-30 May 2039, 20 Rue, Eugene Ruppert) Trademarks: GOLDEN SPRING CLUB FIESTA GOLDEN SPRING KARINA
  • Dominican Republic flag HELADOS BON (Dominican Republic, 20 May 2009-20 May 2029, CALLE CENTRAL NO. 1) Trademarks: HELADOS BON HELADOS BON
  • Dominican Republic flag LA AURORA (Dominican Republic, 21 May 2014-21 May 2024, C/ PARQUE INDUSTRIAL DE TAMBORIL, KM1/2) Trademarks: LA AURORA 1903 EDITION GUILLERMO LEON BY LA AURORA PRINCIPES 22 more
  • Dominican Republic flag inactive LABORATORIO SAN LUIS (Dominican Republic, 15 Oct 1995-15 Oct 2020, CARRETERA MANOGUAYABO ESQ. CALLE 1ERA.) Trademarks: DERMICOL EUVAGIN
  • Dominican Republic flag MERCASID (Dominican Republic, 15 Jun 1999-15 Jun 2029, AV. MAXIMO GOMEZ NO.182) Trademarks: CRISOL EL COCINERO CRISOL 2 more
  • Dominican Republic flag MOLINOS VALLE DEL CIBAO (Dominican Republic, 15 Feb 1994-15 Feb 2024) Trademarks: PIZKAS QIIN TOM TON 4 more
  • Dominican Republic flag PASTEURIZADORA RICA (Dominican Republic, 19 Nov 2012-19 Nov 2022, AUT. DUARTE, KM. 6½) Trademarks: POWER SHAKE KESSO DE RICA RICA 12 more
  • Dominican Republic flag PLASTIFAR, S.A. (Dominican Republic, 15 Jan 1991-15 Jan 2031, AUTOPISTA DUARTE KM. 13½) Trademarks: PLASTIFAR I-LOCK BIONATURE
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