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The Open Database Of The Corporate World


Chris Taggart

CEO & Co-founder

Favourite Film: His Girl Friday
Chris Taggart is the Co-founder and CEO of OpenCorporates. Chris Taggart was originally a magazine journalist and publisher, and is an experienced and successful entrepreneur, having started and grown several successful companies. He has been working exclusively in the field of open government and public sector information since 2009. Chris was named in the Top 10 Digital Social Innovators to watch out for by The Guardian. He also sits on the board of the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation.

Sarah Arana-Morton

Commercial Director

Favourite Book: The Lovely Bones (Alice Sebold) and Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)
Sarah is OpenCorporates’ first Commercial Director. Previously she worked for a data analytics company that provided retail and consumer data insights, with clients such as Tesco and Coca Cola. The mix of inspiring public mission and big commercial ambition, a rare combination, is what drew Sarah to join the team. In her spare time, she likes relaxing on the beach, swimming in the sea, paddle-boarding and marathon running.

Shyam Peri

Data Developer

Favourite Book: Thank You For Smoking (Christopher Buckley)
Shyam is the “human bot machine” at OpenCorporates. While he considers himself an analog player in digital world, he is an experienced bot writer who is responsible for bringing millions of datapoints to OpenCorporates. A strong believer in the importance and transformative nature of corporate transparency, Shyam was taken by our mission. Although he is a polyglot by nature, he prefers a “Ruby way of talking”. Shyam lives in India and likes to spend his spare time playing with his son, gardening and experimenting with food.

Alex Skene

Head of Data

Recently Enjoyed Book: Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle series
Alex is an independent Technology Consultant, specialising in Project Management, Team Leadership, Business Analysis and System Design. He has over 20 years of full project lifecycle experience managing people, projects and data, and designing and developing software for investment banks, and has extensive experience of Legal Entity data management practices. His brief for the OpenCorporates Data Team is to improve processes, documentation, monitoring, metrics / reporting and data quality, as well as provide interim team & project management services. An avid traveller, Alex enjoys collecting new countries and cuisines – the spicier the better!

Ben Tullis

Head of Infrastructure

Favourite Film: Brazil
Ben is the Head of Infrastructure for OpenCorporates, responsible for maintaining and improving the security, stability and performance of its computer platforms. Drawing on more than 20 years of professional experience focused on Linux systems management and Open Source infrastructure projects, Ben has been instrumental in migrating the site to its current platform that is designed to maximise flexibility, scalability, and resilience, ready for the next phase of OpenCorporates' expansion. Its unique combination of engineering challenges and its altruistic ambition attracted Ben to the OpenCorporates project. When he is not working with, tinkering with, or speaking about Linux, Ben plays unicycle hockey for the Cardiff team.

Dominic Sayers

Tech Lead

Favourite Film: Rumblefish, or The Godfather: Part 2
Dominic is an experienced engineer who's also served his time as the product owner for legal entity data services in an investment bank, representing the bank on the Enterprise Data Management Council. Before coming to OpenCorporates he ran a startup gathering company information for investors in early-stage businesses. With a young family, Dominic is unfamiliar with the concept of spare time but he enjoys coaching mini rugby, drinking tea and playing hide-and-seek with his cat.

Mollie Hanley

Community Organiser

Favourite Film: The Fifth Element
Mollie Hanley is Community Organiser at OpenCorporates. Her role is to support our global, collaborative network of users to ensure they can make as much of an impact as possible. With a background in campaigns and community organising, she’s passionate about ensuring ordinary people have more visibility of the ways money and power move through society. In her spare time, Mollie enjoys science fiction, and illustration.

Jade Croucher

Accounts Manager

Favourite Film: Dirty Dancing
Jade Croucher is Account Manager at OpenCorporates. Her main responsibility is to maintain and develop business relationships with our commercial clients. With over 5 years experience on the Open Data scene, Jade is passionate about liberating data and the fight for corporate transparency. Born and raised in North London, she is a keen traveller and enjoys keeping fit, and recently combined the two to run a marathon in Uganda.

Harry Wood

Software Engineer

Favourite Film: Alien
Harry Wood is an experienced developer with a strong background in open data. Previously he worked on similar data aggregation/cleanup and API development with transport data. Harry is also involved in the open geo-data project, OpenStreetMap, contributing technically and with comms and community building, and helping establish the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team. He once enjoyed whitewater kayaking and snowboarding, but now settles for the extreme hobby of looking after his young son.