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  • Guernsey flag ADVENTURE WORLD HOLDINGS LIMITED (Guernsey, 18 Sep 2013- , Travel House Rue du Manoir St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2JH) Trademarks: ADVENTURE WORLD AW
  • Guernsey flag Abelica Global Limited (Guernsey, 6 Sep 2007- , Albert House South Esplanade St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 1AW) Trademarks: ABELICA GLOBAL
  • Guernsey flag inactive BUILDPOD INTERNATIONAL LIMITED (Guernsey, 15 Jun 2009- 2 Jul 2019, Le Clos au Comte Clos au Comte Road Castel GUERNSEY GY5 7QG) Trademarks: BPOD BPOD
  • Guernsey flag Brintal Limited (Guernsey, 7 Apr 2014- , Multisizers House Marion Place Port Grat St Sampsons GUERNSEY GY2 4TD) Trademarks: YPUSH
  • Guernsey flag Contiki Tours International Limited (Guernsey, 27 Jul 2009- , Travel House Rue du Manoir St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2JH) Trademarks: THIS WAY TO AMAZING GET EXPERIENCED TRIP LIKE WE DO PLOT YOUR ESCAPE
  • Guernsey flag Dominion Group Limited (Guernsey, 4 May 2006- , First Floor, Mill Court La Charroterie St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 1EJ) Trademarks: CHIC
  • Guernsey flag Energy Food Holdings Limited (Guernsey, 14 Nov 2018- , Les Prevosts La Rue Des Prevosts St Saviour GUERNSEY GY7 9UQ)
  • Guernsey flag inactive FUZZY BRUSH (INTERNATIONAL) LIMITED (Guernsey, 23 Sep 2009- 2 Mar 2022, Coniston La Grande Rue St Martin GUERNSEY GY4 6RT) Trademarks: FUZZY BRUSH
  • Guernsey flag GP CI HOLDINGS LIMITED (Guernsey, 1 Feb 2010- , Noble House Les Baissieres St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2UE) Trademarks: WINAMILLIONDOLLARS.COM GOLDEN PALACE .COM ONLINE CASINO
  • Guernsey flag inactive HLA Global (Guernsey) Limited (Guernsey, 20 Mar 2001-17 May 2011, St Peter Port House Union Street St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 3TA) Trademarks: HLA global
  • Guernsey flag Healthspan Limited (Guernsey, 16 Nov 1988- , Healthspan House The Grange St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2QH) Trademarks: HEALTHSPAN
  • Guernsey flag I E B Trading Limited (Guernsey, 1 Jun 2006- , Unit 8 Guilberts Industrial Centre Collings Road St Peter Port, GUERNSEY GY1 1FN) Trademarks: ALLBEAUTY
  • Guernsey flag IP Lab Limited (Guernsey, 20 Jun 2003- , Le Repere Les Echelons St. Peter Port GUERNSEY GY11AT) Trademarks: IP LAB
  • Guernsey flag Insight Travel Group Limited (Guernsey, 25 Feb 2015- , Travel House Rue du Manoir St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2JH) Trademarks: EASY PACE THE ART OF TOURING IN STYLE LUXURY GOLD 2 more
  • Guernsey flag inactive McCroft Intellectual Property Limited (Guernsey, 29 Jul 2005-26 Aug 2015, 4th Floor West Wing Trafalgar Court Admiral Park St Peter Port Guernsey) Trademarks: JFK MC
  • Guernsey flag inactive Novoco Limited (Guernsey, 3 Oct 2003-21 May 2019, National Westminster House Le Truchot St Peter Port Guernsey GY1 4ND) Trademarks: TEBA-CUSTOMAIR CUSTOMAIR TEBA
  • Guernsey flag Permira I.P. Limited (Guernsey, 17 Jan 2003- , PO Box 503 Trafalgar Court Les Banques St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 6DJ) Trademarks: PERMIRA PERMIRA
  • Guernsey flag R. W. Randall Limited (Guernsey, 23 Feb 1929- , PO Box 154 La Piette Brewery St Georges Esplanade St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 3JG)
  • Guernsey flag Raymond J. Evison Limited (Guernsey, 5 Dec 1997- , Braye Vineries Route Militaire Vale GUERNSEY GY3 5RP) Trademarks: RAYMOND EVISON CLEMATIS
  • Guernsey flag inactive Rocketseed (Guernsey) Limited (Guernsey, 19 Jan 2001-11 Feb 2021, La Pepiniere Route de Vaugrat St Sampson GUERNSEY GY2 4TA) Trademarks: ROCKETSEED ROCKETSEED
  • Guernsey flag Soldstory Limited (Guernsey, 22 Jan 2015- , Livingroom Limited Livingroom House, North Clifton St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 1JR) Trademarks: SOLDSTORY
  • Guernsey flag Stan Brouard Limited (Guernsey, 1 Apr 1969- , Landes du Marche Vale Guernsey) Trademarks: CARDONGO
  • Guernsey flag THE TRIANGLE LIMITED (Guernsey, 18 May 2011- , Les Echelons Court Les Echelons St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 1AR) Trademarks: LIGHTERLIFE TCBT LIGHTERLIFE 2 more
  • Guernsey flag TREMR LIMITED (Guernsey, 25 Jul 2012- , Eros House Grande Rue St Martins GUERNSEY GY4 6LQ) Trademarks: TREMR
  • Guernsey flag The Cricket Hop Co Ltd. (Guernsey, 20 Sep 2018- , 4 Les Ozouets Farm Court Les Ozouets St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 1SA) Trademarks: THE CRICKET HOP CO. GREEN PROTEIN
  • Guernsey flag Trafalgar Tours International Limited (Guernsey, 11 Aug 2009- , Travel House Rue du Manoir St Peter Port GUERNSEY GY1 2JH) Trademarks: AT LEISURE REDISCOVER THE ROMANCE OF TRAVEL TRAVEL TALK BY TRAFALGAR 4 more
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